Calibration Transform for Discrete Spectroscopic, Mechanical and Optical Systems


In this project we aim to create a calibration transform that will convert the output of different spectroscopic systems to a standardized form (space). This means that signals from different spectroscopes, probing the same object will be transformed to approximately the same value in the standardized space.

Each system is made up of a 256 diode spectrometer coupled with a unique opto-mechanical system consisting of various mirrors, lenses and light sources. Subtle variations in each system result in each system “seeing” the same thing slightly differently, hence producing different signal for the same object.

Note that variations in signals between different spectroscopes may originate from both electro-optical differences between the devices as well as variations in pose of the object under inspection. As each object is probed multiple times in different (semi-random) positions, the same spectrometer may produce a different set of signals for different acquisitions of the same object.

For this project large sample sets from multiple real world systems looking at the same objects will be provided.