Logistical aspects of mussel farming, harvesting and processing



Sanford Ltd is New Zealand's largest and most diverse seafood Company. The Company is vertically integrated from wild fish quota ownership and marine farm ownership to marketing of quality seafood products.

The largest aquaculture species is NZ's endemic Green Shell Mussel ("GSM", also referred to as green-lipped mussels) which Sanford exports to the world in fresh and frozen food formats and in nutraceutical formats.

The supply chain for GSM is complex with multiple variables that result in significant challenges for management and financial forecasting.

From spat catching (finding babies on the beach) to at-sea survival, to growing rates, harvest losses and production yields, the weather and environmental variables create significant uncertainty and variability in the value chain outputs.

The challenge involves developing and trialling a suite of tools and solutions to assist in explaining and managing a complex and challenging industry.

The event will be supported by a team of Sanford representatives to provide information, data and support


  • Opportunity and value loss, quantification
  • Modelling the financial implications of weather, biological and other events
  • Probability models and predicting outcomes
  • Factor prioritisation to focus investment in solutions
  • Economic model from seed to market
  • Visual supply chain maps
  • Information analysis to assist operational and strategic decisions
  • Hypotheses vs historical activities
  • Water space vs export sales
  • Farm lifecycle models
  • Product lifecycle
  • Biofouling event management
  • Farming and harvesting models to maximise efficiency
  • Spat to harvest seasonality modelling